Family Skiing at Vail

With whoop-worthy beginner terrain and several kids’ fun zones, family skiing at Vail is an adventure for all ages. Giggles turn into belly laughs as kids and parents weave along the winding slopes of Chaos Canyon. Banked turns and trees challenge skills at higher levels in forested fun zones ranging from Magic Forest to Buckskin Glade.

Little girls become ripper ski ladies with encouragement. It's never to early to ski!

Little girls become ripper ski ladies with encouragement. It’s never too early to ski!

Get inspired with this overview of Vail’s top family skiing areas, and then stop by VBSR for rental skis and advice:

Top Trails for Vail Family Skiing

Most of Vail’s family skiing adventure zones are appropriate for those who can safely navigate intermediate-level slopes. Top trails listed here are ordered in increasing difficulty. So begin exploring in Chaos Canyon, and work your way up as skills and confidence improve.

  • Chaos Canyon: For an introduction to Vail’s family skiing terrain, check out Chaos Canyon. Smooth banked turns and rolls keep skiers entertained and wondering what they’ll find around the next bend. Do repeat laps to explore different trail options each time. | Location: Take Lionsway below Mid-Vail, and look for the clearly marked entrance on skiers right.
  • Magic Forest: As its name suggests, this magical ski run meanders through a cluster of trees. Varying terrain, banked turns, and bumps add challenge. | Location: Take Practice Parkway to Ledges, and look for the clearly marked entrance on skier’s left.
The Gros family loves to ski the Kid Adventure Zones! Trees and jumps galore!

The Gros family loves to ski the Kid Adventure Zones! Trees and jumps galore!

  • Sherwood Forest: Continue exploring forested terrain in this fun zone that features a ski-through A-frame. | Location: Continue across Ledges from Magic Forest to the Sherwood Forest entrance.
  • Porcupine Alley: Follow porcupine sculptures on logs through trees and fun features in this area that runs from Cub’s Way to Columbine.  | Location: Take Cub’s Way to the clearly marked Porcupine Alley entrance on skier’s left.
  • Buckskin Glade: For intermediate and advanced skiers, this area features tighter, steeper tree skiing, bumps, and exciting terrain challenges.  | Location: Take Ramshorn from the top of Chair 4, and look for a marked entrance tucked into the trees on skier’s left.
Skiing in Vail is Family Fun

Skiing in Vail is Family Fun! Photo Credit: Vail Local Marketing District.

Junior and Family Ski Rental Packages at VBSR

At VBSR, skiing is in our family, and we love outfitting yours for an adventure-filled day. We’ll get you geared up for family-friendly Vail skiing with ski rental packages for juniors. Plus, we’ve got the latest demo skis for advanced skiers and adults. While outfitting your family, we’re also happy to share insider tips about Vail’s top trails for family skiing.

  • Junior Ski Rental Package: The junior ski rental package is great for young skiers and kids just getting started on the slopes. We rent skis in this fleet that range from 70–140 centimeters to make learning easy for little ones.
  • Demo Ski Rental Package: The demo ski rental package is a top choice for more advanced skiers and adults. The demo ski rentals available at VBSR showcase the latest ski technology across a variety of styles from powder skis to performance skis and more.
Great to catch a ride to the slopes with Mama, Dominique.

Mama Dominique & tiny tots (one of which is her son, Blaise Underhill) take to Golden Peak with VBSR Junior Ski Rentals.

Explore More With VBSR

While these are our top gear and trail picks for family skiing, there’s much more to explore at Vail. Vail trail maps feature family fun zones with a yellow smiley face. Also look for ske-cology areas marked with a pinecone on Vail trail maps for an educational adventure. These areas include signage with details about mountain animals, plants, and trees. The Vail kids’ trail map also highlights all of Vail’s family skiing areas in a user-friendly format.   

When coming to VBSR for junior or adult ski rentals and demo skis, we’ll work with you for the best rental experience possible. With our location that’s just steps from Gondola One in Vail Village, you’ll have easy to access ski tuning and repair throughout the day. Finally, we make it simple to reserve ski rentals in advance, and we offer ski storage solutions that will help lighten your load at the end of the day.