Ski Tuning for Vail’s Best Skiing

Vail’s best skiing ranges from wide-open powder bowls to corduroy groomers to spine-chilling steeps. And there’s good news for skiers of all levels: It’s not too hard to find. Of course, locals have their favorite stashes, but seeking out Vail’s best skiing isn’t rocket science. Read on to find out how to sniff out some of the best snow that Vail has to offer. And then enjoy it all season long with the below ski tuning tips and services from VBSR.

Fresh corduroy from grooming at Vail Mountain.

Fresh corduroy from grooming at Vail Mountain.

How to Find Vail’s Best Skiing

While Vail’s north-facing aspects are generally covered with the best snow, conditions can change throughout the day and year. Consider these three mountain basics to find Vail’s best skiing from early winter to late spring:

Aspect and Location: To get the best, lightest snow, seek out Vail’s north-facing slopes. The snow on Vail’s northern aspects stays colder and is less sun-affected than southern aspects. With additional shade cover, Vail’s north-facing trees tend to be a particularly awesome place to play. Locations to explore: Vail’s north-facing frontside runs, including Riva Glade; Blue-Sky Basin’s north-facing bumps and glades, including Divide; any north-facing aspect in Vail’s Famed Back Bowls.

Tea Cup Bowl: Genghis Kahn. | Photo Credit Alexander Obregon

Seasonality: While snow patterns differ from year to year, Vail is at its coldest from December through mid-February. Cold temps during these months make for the light and dry powder snow that’s made Vail world renowned. Once outside temperatures begin to warm up in March and April, get ready for slushy spring snow, called corn snow. Spring skiing is more like sliding across wet grains of ice—but it’s just as fun and forgiving as powder. If you’re seeking out Vail’s best skiing, plan a trip during one of these two most popular seasons. 

Time of Day: During Vail’s coldest months, get up early to get fresh tracks on powder days for an experience like no other. When spring hits, however, watch weather conditions and temperatures carefully. Common at this time of year is a freeze-thaw pattern: slopes freeze at night and then thaw throughout the day. This pattern can make for bullet-proof, icy runs in the morning and pond-skimming in the afternoons. Sometimes it’s worth it to wait for Vail’s best skiing in the spring and go out a little bit later in the day. 

Ski Tuning Tips for Vail’s Best Skiing

At VBSR, our friendly staff is here to keep your gear in top shape all season long. And our goal is to have you outside exploring Vail’s best skiing on rental and demo skis that you love.

Our full-service repair and ski tuning services include:

  • On-the-Spot Ski Tuning
  • Precision Hand Tuning
  • Partial and Full Ski Repair
  • Overnight Service
Brady repairs a ski gash in the VBSR tune shop

Brady repairs a ski gash in the VBSR tune shop

Whether you need new bindings mounted, a gouge repaired, a basic wax, or a full tune: we’ve got you covered. And we’re also equipped to tune your skis with seasonality and current conditions in mind. Here are a few things we consider for early- and late-season ski tuning:

Early Season Ski Tuning Tips: Early season snow often includes man-made snow, which can be icier than natural snow. Sharp edges therefore perform better in early season conditions. Address any edge issues by getting your skis and boards tuned to optimize early-season performance. Next, check bindings by inspecting for wear, tear, and cracks that you may not have noticed at the end of last season. It’s always worth getting bindings inspected by a certified binding tech, such as those at VBSR.

Spring Ski Tuning Tips: Getting a spring-specific stone grind is the first step in the spring ski tuning process, and then it’s also important to get a ski wax that’s appropriate for warmer weather. In spring skiing conditions, you may also need to wax skis more frequently.

Frank puts a fresh wax on for a warm Spring day.

Frank puts a fresh wax on for a warm Spring day.

When on the hunt for Vail’s best skiing, come by VBSR to arrange tuning and repair services. VBSR is also your destination for ski and snowboard rentals, demos, and storage. Plus, we’re steps away from Gondola One in Vail Village, which makes it easy to stop by any time of day. See you in the shop—and on the slopes!