Upgrading Skis: How to Know When It’s Time to Replace Ski Gear

If you’re considering upgrading skis, then there’s no better time than the present. But how do you know if you’re really ready for new gear? And what factors should you consider when deciding to replace current ski gear? At VBSR, we carry a variety of rental skis and the latest demo skis so that you can find the best skis for your style. Read on for more details about upgrading skis, and then stop by the shop for advice, demos, and rentals to try out while searching for your perfect fit.

Time to turn in your old skis!

Time to turn in your old skis!

Upgrading Skis: Know When It’s Time

If you’re thinking about upgrading skis but aren’t quite sure if you’re ready, consider these common scenarios. In each of these three moments—yes—new skis are in order.

1). You’ve physically outgrown your current skis.

Height and weight impact ski performance, so it’s important to match your body size with your skis. Beginner skiers often choose shorter skis, and other discipline-specific skis may need to be longer. But generally, an upright ski should fall somewhere between your chin and the top of your head. Overall body growth and weight gain can also merit a new pair of skis that fit your current body size.

2). Your skills have improved beyond what your current skis can handle.

If you’re considering upgrading skis because you’re able to rock new skills and terrain, congrats! Beginner skis are often shorter and more flexible that the type of ski that’s best for advanced terrain. Skis with more stability are a better fit for venturing into moguls, off-piste, and variable terrain. And if you’re progressing up the ski racing ranks, then a more discipline-specific ski is definitely warranted.

VBSR advanced skier

New terrain beg for new skis! Photo credit: Aaron Benson.

3). Your skis are old, in poor condition, or outdated.

Skis do wear out. So if you’ve skied hard for many years on the same pair of skis, look closely at their current condition. Check the edges and base for cracks or deep gouges. If these areas have been repaired multiple times, they may eventually go beyond repair. Upgrading skis because they’ve been skied out is a proud move. You’re getting after it: Reward yourself with some new gear. If your gear is old or outdated, consider trying out new ski technology for an easier, more comfortable ride.

Upgrading Skis Made Easy with VBSR Demos and Rentals

With VBSR’s rental skis and demo fleet, you can try out a variety of skis to discover what best fits your needs. Come on in and talk with our friendly shop staff for advice and recommendations when you’re thinking about upgrading skis. And then get out on the slopes to try out different types and styles.

VBSR offers these three different packages to try out when you’re considering upgrading skis:

  • Demo Package: The VBSR demo rental package includes all levels of skis from our demo fleet: beginner to intermediate to advanced. Demo skis include the latest models and most cutting-edge ski technology currently available. When upgrading skis, try out demo skis for a sense of the newest possible models and styles. Demo skis are also available in high-performance, performance, powder, and women’s-specific models.
  • Performance Package: The VBSR performance rental package is geared toward the intermediate-beginner skier. So if you’re upgrading skis because your skills are improving but not yet expert, this is a good package to try. With the performance package, you’ll discover playful, easy-to-ski, mid-range, and all-mountain skis.
  • Sport Package: If you’re a beginner skier, then the VBSR sport rental package is for you. Maybe you’ve rented skis while learning and are now considering upgrading skis to have your own. Sport package skis make learning and improving easier for beginners, so you can have more fun on the slopes.

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Experience the VBSR staff expertise and rental fleet.

Experience the VBSR staff expertise and rental fleet.

Rental and Demo Skis at VBSR

Need extra advice on upgrading skis for you and your family? Stop by VBSR, just steps away from Gondola One in Vail. With our ski demo packages and Vail ski rentals, you can try out a variety of ski types. Plus, you’ll have access to our ski tuning services while getting advice about how to demo skis. And our overnight snowboard and Vail ski storage at VBSR lets you unload your gear at the end of the day before going on to nighttime adventures.