Explore More with the 2018-2019 VBSR Demo Ski Rental Fleet

It’s prime time for Vail skiing, and the VBSR demo ski rental fleet gives you another good reason to ski Vail. Exploring new skis and exploring new terrain come hand in hand, so join us at VBSR for an adventure. Our friendly ski techs are ready to outfit you with the latest demo ski rental gear and share insider advice. Read on for an overview of the 2018-2019 VBSR demo ski rental fleet, and reserve your rental package online. Then get outside to test the newest models on our top terrain picks. We look forward to seeing you in the shop—and on the slopes.

Vista Bahn Ski Rentals 2018-2019 Demo Fleet with owner, Sacha Gros and the original shop dog, Otter.

Vista Bahn Ski Rentals 2018-2019 Demo Fleet with owner, Sacha Gros and the original shop dog, Otter.

Meet the 2018-2019 Demo Ski Rental Fleet

VBSR sources the best demo ski rental fleet so that you can experience Vail skiing on the season’s newest gear. We focus on choosing a variety of brands, types, and styles to give skiers a range of demo options. Do you prefer to rip down corduroy groomers on a narrow-waisted ski? Or prefer to search out powder in the back bowls? With high performance, performance, powder, and women’s-specific skis, we’ve got a demo ski that’s sure to fit your style. And we’ll also work closely with you to customize a solid demo selection according to your preferences.

The VBSR demo ski rentals brands and models for 2018-2019 include:


  • Blizzard: Quattro8.4TI, Rustler9, Rustler10
  • Head: Kore93, Kore105
  • K2: Pinnacle88, Pinnacle95
  • Kastle: Mx84
  • Nordica: Enforcer93, Enforcer100
  • Rossignol: Experience 88ti, Smash7, Soul7HD, Sky7HD
  • Salomon: QST85, QST92, QST99


  • Blizzard: Black Pearl88, Black Pearl98
  • Head: Total Joy, Wild Joy
  • K2: ThrillUVit85
  • Nordica: Astral84, Santa Ana93, Santa Ana100
  • Rossignol: Experience84 W, Soul7HD W, Sky7HD W, Sassy7
  • Salomon: Myriad


  • Blizzard: Rustler11
  • Head: Kore105
  • Liberty: Schuster Pro
  • Nordica: Enforcer100
  • Rossignol: Soul7HD, Sky7HD
  • Salomon: QST99, QST106


  • Blizzard: Sheeva
  • Nordica: Santa Ana100
  • Rossignol: Soul7HD W, Sky7HD W

Explore More: Vail’s Best Skiing

Now that you’ve got your demo ski rental package sorted, get out to explore. Here’s where to put the 2018-2019 VBSR demo ski rental fleet to the test on some of Vail’s best terrain.

Tea Cup Bowl: Genghis Kahn. | Photo Credit Alexander Obregon

Tea Cup Bowl: Genghis Kahn. | Photo Credit Alexander Obregon

Vail’s Best Powder Skiing:
Vail’s famed Back Bowls are no doubt the best place to put a VBSR’s men’s or women’s powder demo ski rental to the test. The seven legendary Back Bowls are the place to go on a powder day, but the views are outstanding on any day. The expansive Back Bowls offer wide-open views of Vail’s surrounding snow-capped peaks. And even if the mountain is busy, you’ll find plenty of places to explore. The Back Bowls are best for advanced skiers, but some grooming makes them accessible to intermediate skiers.

Come out of the Back Bowls via Chair 5.

Come out of the Back Bowls via Chair 5, High Noon Express. 

Top Vail Mountain Groomers:
Vail’s Frontside is full of beautifully groomed ski runs that are perfect for testing VBSR’s high performance and performance demos. The Frontside also features the EpicMix race course if you want to try your skills on a timed course. With a variety of green, blue, and black groomed runs, the Frontside offers terrain for every level skier. Plus, it’s the closest to VBSR, so you can easily try out multiple demos on the same terrain.

Vail’s Best Varied Terrain:
Vail’s Blue Sky Basin features glades for tree-skiing, groomers, and a mixture off-piste terrain for intermediate and advanced skiers. If you like variety, Blue Sky Basin is the place to test VBSR’s all-mountain demo ski rental fleet.

Stop by for even more terrain tips while trying out the 2018-2019 VBSR demo ski rental fleet. We look forward to seeing you all winter long for ski rentals at our shop that’s just steps from Gondola One in Vail Village. Our Vail Village location also makes it easy to access ski tuning and repair throughout the day. Finally, we make it simple to reserve ski rentals in advance, and we offer ski storage solutions that will help lighten your load at the end of the day.