How Should Rental Ski Boots Fit?

At VBSR we'll get you set up with proper fitting ski boots.

At VBSR we’ll get you set up with proper fitting ski boots.

Happy feet make happy skiers, and “How should ski boots fit?” is a common question that Vail guests ask us here at Vista Bahn Ski Rentals (VBSR). Snowboard boots and rental ski boots come with our snowboard and ski rental packages. Ski poles also come along with rental packages for skiers. But it’s good to know that we’ve got several boot options to help you find the best boot fit. And since we’re only steps away from Gondola One in Vail Village, it’s always easy to come back into the shop. You can swap out your boots at any time, even if you simply want to try another pair.

Ski boots come in a variety of types and styles, and rental boots are no different. Ski boots are purpose-built, so racing boots, for example, differ from those worn by recreational skiers. When considering how rental boots should fit, it’s important to keep overall skiing goals in mind. If recreation and family fun are at the top of your list, then boot comfort is a must. But even high-performance skiers value comfort, which is necessary for continued enjoyment of the sport at any level.

Continue reading for more details about how VBSR can help you find the best-fitting rental ski boots for your Vail visit.

Rental Ski Boots and the Boot Fit Process

At VBSR, we try to keep the boot-fit process simple and focused on your needs as a skier or snowboarder. When you come into the shop for rental ski or snowboard packages, we’ll ask you about your skier type and weight. Skier types include:

  • Type I: slower speeds and mild terrain preferred, cautious or beginner skier
  • Type II: average and moderate speeds on intermediate terrain preferred
  • Type III: aggressive skiing on advanced and expert terrain preferred

Skier Type Chart

It’s important to report skier type and weight details accurately for safety purposes. But this process also helps us learn more about your goals for the day. A softer boot, for example, may be more appropriate than a stiffer boot if you hope to spend the day on mild terrain. We’ll check sizing and have you try on rental snowboard and ski boots for initial feedback. And we’ll go through the buckling process with you to ensure proper fit.

VBSR co-owner Sacha Gros has helped many customers over the years find ski boots that fit. Some of his key takeaways about fitting ski boots include:

  • Ski boots should be snug—but not uncomfortable
  • Adjust straps and buckles so that boots remain snug while skiing
  • Heels should not lift up within ski boots while skiing or walking
  • If toes touch the tip of the boot it’s okay
  • Toes should not be crumpled inside the boot
  • Be realistic: Ski boots likely won’t ever be as comfortable as flip-flops.

Sacha adds:

“Don’t ever worry about coming back into the shop to try another pair of boots. We carry many different types of boots for you to try. And we’ll go through as many pairs of boots as needed to help you find the best fit.”

VBSR: Ski Boots and Beyond

Come on by: The friendly staff at VBSR is willing to offer tips and advice to help make your Vail visit standout. When it comes to purchasing your own ski boots or customizing personal ski boots, we can recommend a custom boot outfitter, such as our friends nearby at Surefoot. Custom foot beds, custom boots, and boot canting are all services that can help ensure that personal ski boots fit properly for the long-term.

Rental snowboard boots and ski boots are just a part of what we do here at VBSR. Our overnight storage lockers make taking your boots off at the end of the day sheer joy. Leave your boots and other gear with us while you walk away hands-free to your next Vail adventure. Since we’re so close to Gondola One in Vail Village, it’s also easy to stop in at any time for tuning and repair services. We offer online rental reservations, too, so that you can save time and pick up reserved gear on the way to the slopes.