Ski Tuning Tips from VBSR’s Master Tuners

The spring season is a time to be mindful of snowboard and ski tuning since Vail weather conditions can change rapidly on the slopes. One day, you might be skiing powder in Vail’s famed back bowls or ripping down your favorite frontside groomers. But then on the next, you might be dodging rocks.

At Vista Bahn Ski Rentals (VBSR), we offer an array of snowboard and ski tuning and repair services at our location in Vail Village near Gondola One. So bring your skis and snowboards on by, whether you’re in need of an overnight wax or an edge repair. Our friendly staff and master tuners will keep your gear in top shape through closing day. Read on for advice and tips to keep you skis and snowboards sliding smoothly until then.

VBSR Matt Dirolf, Expert Tuner

VBSR Matt Dirolf, Expert Tuner

Ski Tuning: Know When it’s Time to Tune

Since Vail skiing conditions can change from day to day during the springtime, get in the habit of inspecting your gear daily. If you’ve scuffled through some rocks or vegetation, especially, take a look at the bases of your skis and boards. Inspect for any scratches or deep base gouges that may need to be filled. Also look to see if the ski base appears dry, white, or chalky—all signs that waxing is in order. While waxing frequency can vary according to use, activity, and conditions, it’s difficult to over-wax. Our tuners suggest waxing every third time you ski, or when conditions change. See tuner tips below for more details on waxing.

Look at your skis after you use them,” Barclay, VBSR master tuner, advises. “Is there a large scratch, edge damage, or a core shot? Only one way to find out: take a peak, and if it looks like you need a repair, or if you think you may, then you are probably right.”

While inspecting, check out the edges of your skis and boards for cracks or other damage. Run your finger carefully along edges after a recent snowboard or ski tuning to establish a baseline. And then when you feel burrs or other anomalies in the future, bring them in for sharpening. Stay on top of waxing and ski tuning. Repair signs of wear and tear quickly to keep your gear from getting worse or from impacting your performance.

VBSR’s Brady saves your skis by filling a ski gash likely caused by a rock.

Ski Tuning Tips from VBSR Tuners

Our master tuners, Matt and Barclay, bring a lot of personality and ski tuning expertise to VBSR. Of course, the entire VBSR shop crew is here to share insider tips and advice, too. But we asked our master tuners to share their top snowboard and ski tuning tips with you here:

    • INSPECT GEAR DAILY: Check out edges and bases for signs of wear or damage.
    • REMOVE SKIS PROPERLY: Use your ski pole, or bend down and use your hand to release your bindings. Don’t use the ski, itself, to release the binding, as it can damage the edge.
    • KEEP SKIS STILL ON LIFTS: We know: It’s easy to get excited when on ski lifts. But refrain from knocking skis together, as you can damage your edges by doing so. Keep still when on lifts to protect your gear. It’s also a safe practice that can protect others from falling skis.
    • AVOID ROCKS: Springtime is rock garden time. Be aware of melt zones, and steer clear of rocks to avoid gear damage.
    • WAX FREQUENTLY: We recommend waxing every third time you ski as a part of your ski tuning practice. Also wax when conditions change or when you discover dry, chalky bases. Wax makes skis and boards slippery-fun, but it also protects bases against damage.
    • SCRAPE EXCESS WAX: If you like to iron wax your own skis, be sure to scrape off ALL of the wax. Extra wax is not better when it’s left on your skis or boards.
    • GET AN ANNUAL FULL TUNE: Take the time to get a full tune for your skis or boards once a year. This investment in your gear is important for maintenance.
    • SAY YES TO STORAGE WAX: When it’s the end of the season, bring your skis and boards to VBSR for summer storage wax. See our blog post, “Spring Vail Ski Tuning, Summerizing Skis, and Summer Ski Storage,” for more details about how this service protects your gear in the off-season.
    • PATIENCE, PLAN AHEAD: Most snowboard and ski tuning services can be done within 24-hours at VBSR. But please be patient: Quality services take time. If you are in need of more extensive services or repairs, plan ahead to ensure that we have the time we need to do our best work.
    • SHARE THE LOVE: Treat ski tuners as you would like to be treated yourself. Be kind. Respect the value (and the actual price) of quality and expertise when it comes to snowboard and ski tuning. Tipping makes our tuners happy, especially after a long season of hard work.
Master tuner, Matt, and a VBSR customer assess the ski base after a day of skiing.

Master tuner, Matt, and a VBSR customer assess the ski base after a day of skiing.

At Vista Bahn Ski Rentals, we’ve got more in our shop than amazing ski and snowboarding tuning services. Vail ski and snowboard rentals and demos are available on a walk-in basis, or you can reserve online to save time. Our overnight snowboard and ski storage lets you walk through town a bit lighter at the end of the day. We’re located just steps from Gondola One in Vail Village, so stop by for more skiing gear tips and advice on your way to the slopes.