Vail Ski Tuning Services Overview

We make Vail ski tuning simple here at Vista Bahn Ski Rentals (VBSR), just steps away from Gondola One in Vail Village. With such a convenient location, it’s easy to stop by for tuning or for ski and snowboard repair services at any time of the day. Plus, we offer ski storage, which makes it possible to leave skis and snowboards overnight. Our services include on-the-spot ski tuning, precision hand tuning, full ski repair, and more. From binding mounting to adjustment, we’ve got you covered, and we service snowboards, too.

VBSR Ski Tune Shop with Matt

Matt creates a perfect edge on skis with the Wintersteiger TrimJet 71

What’s What? Vail Ski Tuning Basics

The VBSR ski techs are friendly and ready to offer advice about the Vail ski tuning services best suited for you. But it’s always nice to know ahead of time what we offer. For both skiers and snowboarders, VBSR offers essential services including waxing, edging, full tuning, and repair.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s what in each of our basic service categories:

  • Wax: Waxing is among the most basic of Vail ski tuning services. Any time skis or snowboards begin to lose their glide, it’s time for a fresh coat of wax. Wax is also in order when decks begin to look chalky or dry. Wax helps skis and snowboards slide over the snow more effectively. It also provides a layer of base protection.
  • Edge and wax: In addition to waxing regularly, it’s important to keep edges in top shape. Skis and snowboards that have sharp edges are more responsive because edges grip the snow when turning. At VBSR, we use a Wintersteiger TrimJet 71 to precision tune an amazing edge that will keep your skis and boards gripping to their greatest ability. And we also finish all Vail ski tuning services by hand to ensure that your skis and boards get a personal touch.
  • Edge and wax with stone grind: Beyond edging and waxing, we also offer stone grinding services for those skis and boards that need more work. Stone grinding can help refresh ski and snowboard bases that have been damaged or are showing wear and tear. Stone grinding will flatten the board’s base and open it up for fresh wax. We’ll edge as above and also finish by hand to make sure that your skis and boards are tuned to the highest level of precision possible.
VBSR Mounting Bindings as in our Ski Tune Shop

VBSR Mounting Bindings as in our Ski Tune Shop

Drilling holes to mount bindings as in our VBSR ski tune shop

Vail Ski Tuning: Above and Beyond

At VBSR, we also offer full Vail ski tuning packages, which include all of the above along with any additional services needed. From tip to tail, we assess your skis and snowboards to give them a customized level of tuning and repair. For higher levels of repair, we’re happy to offer estimates and advice, too.

“As far as tuning services go, we crush. And we will continue to crush because that’s what we do here. Our ski and snowboard storage services really set us apart. We offer free storage of anything that’s rented from us. Our ski waxing services also include overnight storage, so it’s easy to get on and off the slopes.”
—VBSR Ski Tech Barclay Rabin

We take pride in our Vail ski tuning services here at VBSR. And we’re also ready to share our latest ski demo fleet with you. With our ski demo packages and Vail ski rentals available just steps from Gondola One, you’ll be on the slopes in no time. Plus, overnight snowboard and Vail ski storage at VBSR lets you walk with ease through Vail Village on the way to other off-mountain adventures.