How to Demo Ski Rentals with the 2017-18 VBSR Fleet

If you have commitment anxiety when it comes to buying new skis, take a day to demo ski rentals with Vista Bahn Ski Rentals (VBSR). When demoing skis, you get to try before you buy—and you’ll likely also learn a lot about your skiing preferences in the process. The demo ski rentals we have here at VBSR showcase the latest ski technology across a variety of styles from powder skis to performance skis and more.

It’s a good idea to come in for a day of skiing on demo ski rentals when you’re looking to buy new skis. But even if you’re not in the market to buy new skis, spending a day on demos can increase you knowledge of current gear. Plus, it’s a lot of fun to try out skis that you might not normally get the chance to try. Whatever your reason for choosing to spend a day on demo ski rentals, be assured that we’ll work with you for the best experience possible.

Snow Industry Association (SIA) on-snow Demo Day 2017. Here’s where then VBSR crew test drives & finds your favorites for the coming season! You can test skis with the same process through VBSR. 

How to Demo Skis

When going out on demo ski rentals to evaluate your top picks, be strategic with your approach. It’s important to have a system for comparing the different skis you try, especially if you’re in the market to buy new skis. Here area few tips to help you stay organized and get the best out of your day:

  • Plan Ahead: Research ahead of time, and read reviews of skis that interest you. Write down your top needs and wants in a pair of skis. Keep these in mind while skiing on your demo ski rentals for the day.
  • Take Notes on a Test Card: Carry a note card or several note cards and a pen. Take notes while skiing on each pair of skis. Add comments or thoughts that relate to your original list of wants and needs. Customize a test card according to your preferences ahead of time, and evaluate skis in categories that interest you. Examples of test card categories include stability, edge-hold, versatility, carving, or powder performance. Write down your overall impressions and how well the ski meets your needs overall.
  • Compare Like to Like: When demoing skis, keep the test conditions the same while trying out different skis so that it is easier to compare performance. For example, do the same run, and take the same approach three times with three different pairs of skis. Perhaps you’ll try short radius turns or moguls, but keep the task or the terrain the same each time so that you can stay focused on ski performance.
  • Narrow Down and Final Run: Once you have identified your favorite demo ski rentals, take one more run on your top picks. Read previous notes, and take new ones to make your final choice.
VBSR 2018 Ski Demo Fleet

The VBSR Full Alpine Ski Demo Fleet. And yes, we rent snowboards too!

This Winter’s Best Demo Ski Rentals

We source the best demo ski rentals here at VBSR so that you can have an amazing Vail skiing experience on this season’s newest gear. We choose a variety of ski brands, types, and styles so that you have a range of demo options.

Of this winter’s demo ski rentals fleet, VBSR Ski Tech Matt Dirlof says:

“We have something for everyone this season. Whether you like to hit the groomers on a narrow-waisted ski or search out powder in the back bowls, we’ve got demo skis to fit your style. And we also work closely with you to customize a solid demo selection according to your preferences.”

VBSR Matt Dirolf

VBSR Ski Tech Matt Dirlof  and the 2017-18 fleet

The VBSR demo ski rentals brands and models for 2017-2018 include: 



  • Blizzard: Brahma, Bonafide, Rawhide, Quatro 8.4
  • Head: Monster 88
  • K2: Pinnacle 88, Pinnacle 95
  • Nordica: Enforcer 93, Enforcer 100, Navigator 85
  • Rossignol: Soul 7HD, Sky 7HD, Smash 7, EXP HD 84, EXP HD 88
  • Salomon: QST85, QST99, Quest85,
  • Volkl: Kendo



  • Blizzard: Black Pearl 88, Black Pearl 98, Sheeva
  • Head: Total Joy
  • K2: The Thrill of it 85, Luv Sick80TI, Alluvit 88
  • Nordica: Santa Ana100, Santa Ana 93, Astral84
  • Rossignol: Soul 7HDW, Sky 7HDW, SaSSY7, Temptation 84 HD
  • Salomon: Myriad85,
  • Volkl: Yumi, Kenja
VBSR 2018 Alpine Ski Demo Fleet with Barclay Rabin

Barclay Rabin of the VBSR crew is happy to assist with the demo fleet

Whether you’re coming in to demo ski rentals looking to buy or to just have some extra fun, we’ll work with you for the best demo experience possible. Plus, we look forward to seeing you for snowboard and ski rentals at our location that’s just steps from Gondola One in Vail Village. Our Vail Village location also makes it easy to access ski tuning and repair throughout the day. Finally, we make it simple to reserve ski rentals in advance, and we offer ski storage solutions that will help lighten your load at the end of the day.