Feeling Sharp: Wintersteiger TrimJet 71 Edging Machine

On January 14, 2015, World Cup Racer and co-owner, Sacha Gros, and Tuner, Barclay Rabin, got lucky. They put the brand new Wintersteiger TrimJet 71 to work by putting a Vista Bahn Ski Rental (aka VBSR) race tune on two pairs of Salomon skis and tore apart the Vail Mountain groomers!

TrimJet Dan and Otter

Vail’s VBSR, Dan Coppa & shop dog, Otter, tune the Liberty Helix on the TrimJet.

When Vail mountain conditions are not powder, skiers spend most of the day on bumps and groomed runs. On groomer days as these, a skier relies heavily on the ski edges to provide control, stability and that oh-so-cool lay it out stance. You know the “Ted Ligety-like layout.” The Wintersteiger TrimJet 71 provides that amazing edge to keep your grip on the snow time and time again. A reliable tune let’s you know you can trust your ski in any condition. Vista Bahn Ski Rentals always hand finishes tunes for the extra special TLC you can only get at a family-owned shop.

The machine, first of its kind in Vail, makes edging skis flawless and leaves them race-ready for skiers of any ability. “Of course the edge and wax service at VBSR is already second to none,” says Barclay Rabin, “but now, watch out because theTrimJet is everything we had hoped for.” Sacha Gros agreed; adding “It’s Precision is unsurpassed. The quality of the edge is really amazing, but we still finish by hand for that perfect polished feel”.

About the TrimJet 71 machine:

  • An Automatic Edge Grinding Machine for Skis and Snowboards.
  • The Trim Disc 71 proves that there is space everywhere for Wintersteiger‘s Ceramic Disc Finish.
  • The compact machine tunes side and base edges of all skis and snowboards effortlessly in the smallest space.
  • The Trim Disc 71 makes all work steps easier due to its ergonomic working height and proves the perfect complement to your existing machines.

Vista Bahn Ski Rentals’ Wintersteiger’s Automatic Edge Grinding Machine, the Trim Disc-71

VBSR takes pride in every ski that we rent, demo and tune. The new TrimJet edging machine saves Vista Bahn Ski Rentals time and energy while producing an incredible tune. So get skiing and then come see for yourself the difference a tune with the TrimJet makes, downstairs at Vail’s VBSR! In 30 steps from our front door you can feel confident as you head up Vail’s Gondola One.


Vista Bahn Ski Rentals World Cup Skier and co-Owner, Sacha Gros, testing out Salomon’s Enduro ski with a fresh TrimJet tune on Dealer’s Choice – Vail Mountain.


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