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The spring season is a time to be mindful of snowboard and ski tuning since Vail weather conditions can change rapidly on the slopes. One day, you might be skiing powder in Vail’s famed back bowls or ripping down your favorite frontside groomers. But then on the next, you might be dodging rocks. At Vista […]

Many different skier types come to Vail, from those who want to relax to those who want to rock. Do you what kind of skier type you are? At Vista Bahn Ski Rentals (VBSR), we have a wide variety of Vail ski rentals and ski demos available for rental. Our friendly staff is ready to […]

Welcome to the newsletter for VBSR supporters! Bringing the ski scoop to your inbox. Connect with us for ski industry news, family updates, mountain conditions, and the Vail experience. An Optimistic Winter We certainly had a slow start to the 2017-18 season, but it’s snowing as I type today! With the Olympics just a few days away, we are cheering loudly […]

Vista Bahn Ski Rentals (VBSR) is full of friendly faces and ski industry experts who live for Vail adventure. When you come in for Vail ski rentals and ski tuning services, please also ask us for tips and advice about what to do around town. The VBSR staff includes several rare Vail locals and others […]

We’re proud to introduce the 2018 VBSR team here, and we look forward to meeting you in Vail this winter. With six core staff members, the 2018 VBSR team includes an Olympian, a pair of siblings, and many local experts, mountain fanatics, and backcountry adventurers. We’re all passionate about what brings us to Vail—skiing and […]

When picking up Vail ski rentals or buying new skis, it’s helpful to understand different ski types and styles. With many advances in modern ski technology, several ski options exist. Some skis are best suited for ripping down groomed terrain. Others lend themselves to maneuverability in Vail’s famed back bowls. Still others ski best in light […]

We make Vail ski tuning simple here at Vista Bahn Ski Rentals (VBSR), just steps away from Gondola One in Vail Village. With such a convenient location, it’s easy to stop by for tuning or for ski and snowboard repair services at any time of the day. Plus, we offer ski storage, which makes it […]

If you have commitment anxiety when it comes to buying new skis, take a day to demo ski rentals with Vista Bahn Ski Rentals (VBSR). When demoing skis, you get to try before you buy—and you’ll likely also learn a lot about your skiing preferences in the process. The demo ski rentals we have here […]

Here at Vista Bahn Ski Rentals (VBSR), we get excited about early season Vail skiing. But we know that a good day out on the slopes depends on many factors at this time of the year. Snowfall history, grooming, open terrain, and weather all contribute to the early season skiing experience. Sometimes the mountain is […]

When you’re gathering ski clothing for a trip to Vail, plan ahead so that you’ve got what you need from head to toe. Find ski clothing tips here in addition to a checklist that helps make packing for Vail skiing a cinch. Vail Ski Clothing Overview and Checklist Two major factors to consider when choosing […]