Booking ski rentals in Vail Colorado is easy through Vista Bahn Ski rentals. Just go to our website and choose the best ski package for you. If you reserve 24 hours in advance online, we’ll offer a 20% discount. For inquiries, you may reach us via phone at 970-476-2566 or through email.  

Are you looking for ski rentals in Vail Colorado? Booking in advance is important, especially if you plan on going during the high season. Most people make the mistake of looking for ski rentals once they arrive, so they end up paying higher rates—or worse, end up not being able to ski because everything has been rented out. Here are some of the things you need to consider when renting skis in Vail:
Some ski rental shops offer discounts if you book in advance. If you are skiing with a large group, inquire about group rates for bigger savings.
You don’t want to ski around in old rentals that may be unsafe. Check to see if the equipment being rented out is updated and well maintained.  
Lugging ski equipment up and down the snow can be a hassle. Find a ski rental shop that offers convenient access to ski lifts and slopes.
One of the best ski rentals in Vail Colorado is Vista Bahn Ski Rentals. Strategically situated near Gondola One, our shop also offers ski rental packages to suit different needs. If you book a ski rental 24 hours in advance or more, you can enjoy 20% discount. Just browse our website to know more about our ski packages as well as our other offers such as ski repair and storage, plus many other facilities. To reserve skis from Vista Bahn Ski Rentals, kindly fill out our online form.