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Springtime in Vail brings hero skiing on slushy snow, celebration, and good times spent with family and friends. Here are a few of our top picks for not-to-miss spring season events in Vail: PINK VAIL: Saturday, March 25, 2017 Pink Vail is a family-friendly ski day that benefits all patients at Shaw Regional Cancer Center. […]

The benefits of really good Vail ski lessons at Vail Mountain are numerous. We’ll give you a few reasons why we suggest getting an instructor on your next trip to Vail and if you find yourself interested, we can recommend some of the best! (Note: We promise we have not been hired by Vail or […]

Coming to see us to to rent skis for your next Vail Ski Trip? There’s no better ski shop in Vail. A few things to think about before you come: Reserve ahead to save 20% off your rentals. Click the yellow button: RESERVE NOW What kind of skiing do you enjoy? Blue Sky Basin vs. […]

VBSR on Vail’s TV8 this morning featuring Schusse boot horns and our marketing guru, Clare Hefferren. Just one brain glitch: Owner, Sacha Gros skied Giant Slalom in the 1998 olympics (not 1988 which would have been very impressive for his age!). Ps. SCHÜSSE is super for painful boot dancers. Watch the clip.

Renting skis can be a hassle, admits Grant Leffel, a salesman at Christy Sports in Vail. “It’s never an easy process, especially this time of year,” he said. Although renting skis during peak season can be a chore, a little planning will help you avoid a debacle.