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Many different skier types come to Vail, from those who want to relax to those who want to rock. Do you what kind of skier type you are? At Vista Bahn Ski Rentals (VBSR), we have a wide variety of Vail ski rentals and ski demos available for rental. Our friendly staff is ready to […]

Vista Bahn Ski Rentals (VBSR) is full of friendly faces and ski industry experts who live for Vail adventure. When you come in for Vail ski rentals and ski tuning services, please also ask us for tips and advice about what to do around town. The VBSR staff includes several rare Vail locals and others […]

Skiing and snowboarding are at the heart of the Vail lifestyle, and skiing safety is an essential part of what makes this lifelong love possible. Skiing and snowboarding draw people from all over the world to play—and stay—in Vail. Having a safe experience is central to having an enjoyable experience. So before you slide off […]

The Vail ski season is over, but skiing fitness is a year-round commitment. Fortunately, the summertime provides many opportunities to get fit, and stay fit, until snow’s back on the slopes. Over the years, Vail has become a summer destination for those who also love the culture and the arts. Events including the Vail International […]