Vail Mountain Upgrades: Our Ever-Evolving Mountain:

Now that it’s summertime, Vail skiing is behind us, but Vail mountain upgrades keep us excited all year long. We like it even better when new mountain developments let VBSR guests maximize their time on the slopes. So one of our favorite Vail mountain upgrades this winter was the the new Northwoods Express Lift. For the 2017-2018 season, it was upgraded from a four-person to a six-person lift to significantly cut down wait times. This upgrade proved to provide better access to amazing frontside skiing at Vail and also helped disperse skier traffic.

Vail Mountain’s New Northwoods Chair 11 from the 2017-2018 season. Photo Credit: David Neff

For summer visitors, the ongoing Epic Discovery Vail mountain upgrades make it possible to enjoy adventure that spans all seasons. Since VBSR is a family-owned ski shop, with family activity ongoing, we love the development of more family-friendly activities for Vail guests. Epic Discovery transforms Vail’s slopes into a place of summertime adventure with these experiences, among others:

    • Learn-through-Play Elements: These interpretive, experiential elements integrated with trails and activities around the mountain give guests hands-on information. Plus, they include details about forest health, wildlife and the mountain geography.
    • Game Creek Zipline Tour: This guided tour immerses guests in the forest habitat with a network of seven zip lines and aerial bridges. Guests also learn about the mountain ecosystem while working their way through the course’s challenges.
    • Forest Flyer™: This gravity-based alpine coaster that operates on raised rails winds its way down the mountain, following the landscape’s natural contours through the forest. Good to know: Guests on individual carts can control their own speed.
    • Expanded Trail System: More trails and better signage have been integrated to encourage more hiking and exploration across Vail Mountain.
Vail Mountain - Epic Discovery, Zip Line! Photo Credit: Margaret Meisinger

Vail Mountain – Epic Discovery, Zip Line! Photo Credit: Margaret Meisinger

While these Vail mountain upgrades are keeping us busy this summer, we’re always thinking ahead to the winter season. We love the time when the VBSR shop fills up with friends and guests coming in for ski and snowboard rentals and for ski tuning services. Until then, here’s a preview of one more update on the way for the 2018-2019 season.

Vail Mountain Upgrades Technology for 2018-2019

Emma technology is a new development that will positively impact the Vail skiing experience in the upcoming 2018-2019 ski season. Being called an “Epic Mountain Assistant,” Emma is the world’s first digital mountain assistant to help guide guests on the mountain and around town. Emma will make use of both artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) to answer guest questions. Think: Alexa meets Vail mountain.

Rob Katz, chairman and chief executive officer of Vail Resorts, comments on the technology: “As we have done before with EpicMix, we can use cutting edge technology with Emma to improve our guest service without detracting from their connection with the incredible natural beauty of our resorts or the personal engagement provided by our passionate employees.”

Checking out the Back Bowls at Vail Mountain. Photo Credit: Dan Davis

Checking out the Back Bowls at Vail Mountain. Photo Credit: Dan Davis

Emma is a digital assistant to be on the lookout for this winter among other Vail mountain upgrades. But, of course, VBSR will continue to assist you enthusiastically in the following real-live, real-time ways:

SKI AND SNOWBOARD RENTALS: Stop by VBSR to pick up your ski and snowboard rentals that are tuned and ready to go. You’ll save 20% when you reserve our Vail ski and snowboard rentals online.

OVERNIGHT SERVICE: Our full-service ski tuning and repair shop offers overnight services, with a friendly and responsive staff. We also offer walk-in ski tuning to make sure that you maximize your time out skiing.

LOCATION, LOCATION: Vista Bahn Ski Rentals is the closest place to pick up Vail ski and snowboard rentals near Gondola One. Avoid the walk through town by picking it up at VBSR, steps from the slopes.

STORAGE LOCKERS: Keep your gear at VBSR’s Vail ski lockers so that you’re ready to get outside on a moment’s notice.

Vail mountain is always changing and evolving. While we look forward to exciting Vail mountain upgrades, we also greatly value our long-time and brand-new customers, alike. See you when the snow starts falling!

See you next winter on Vail Mountain! Photo Credit: Jack Affleck