Meet the 2018 VBSR Team

We’re proud to introduce the 2018 VBSR team here, and we look forward to meeting you in Vail this winter. With six core staff members, the 2018 VBSR team includes an Olympian, a pair of siblings, and many local experts, mountain fanatics, and backcountry adventurers. We’re all passionate about what brings us to Vail—skiing and snowboarding—and we’re all lovers of the mountain lifestyle. This winter, we’ll see you in the shop for Vail ski rentals, ski and snowboard tuning services, gear storage, and more—but we also like it when you just stop in to say hello.

Let it snow!
The 2018 Vista Bahn Ski Rentals Crew

VBSR Team: Skiing’s in the Family

VBSR Dominique Underhill, Partner

VBSR Dominique Underhill (& husband Matt)

Hometown: Vail, Colorado

Dominique Underhill is a part of the dynamic brother-sister duo behind the VBSR team. Along with her brother Sacha Gros, she has been a co-owner/partner since 2006. But since VBSR is a family business, you’ve probably seen her behind the shop counter since she was old enough to walk. “The mountain is my backyard,” says Dominique. “When I can sneak away to ski a few laps, it sends me home to my boys with a smile.” As a long-time Vail local, Dominique loves the relationships she has around town. She can sometimes be found just around the corner having a Swiss Dog at Blü Cow. Or maybe you’ll see her tracking down her dog Stitch, who wanders outside the shop on occasion. In the summertime, Dominique and her husband Matt travel and explore in their van with their son Blaise in tow. And yes, Blaise has been on skis since he was 18 months old: Skiing must be in the genes.

Dominique’s picks:
Favorite 2018 powder ski: Blizzard Sheeva
Favorite 2018 all-mountain ski: TheThrillOfIt 85
*try it yourself: VBSR demo ski rentals
Favorite Vail frontside run: Dealers Choice (carve city)
Favorite Vail back bowls run: Red Square


VBSR Sacha Gros, Partner

VBSR Sacha Gros

Hometown: Vail, Colorado

Sacha Gros has been a VBSR co-owner/partner along with his sister Dominique Underhill since 2006. A Vail local, Sacha grew up at VBSR, his family’s shop, and on Vail mountain, just a few steps away. An accomplished ski racer, Sacha competed in giant slalom (GS) at the 1998 Olympics in Nagano, Japan. He has skied to three first-place finishes at the U.S. Alpine National Skiing Championships and is a three-time winner of Alaska’s famed skiing and snowmobile race, Arctic Man. In the summers, Sacha enjoys dirt biking and camping with his wife Emily and their two boys. He is currently a volunteer with Vail Mountain Rescue. Little-known fact: Sacha can juggle. Find out more about Sacha’s ski racing background here: Sacha Gros Ski Racing Profile.

Sacha’s picks:
Favorite 2018 all-mountain ski: Nordica Enforcer
*try it yourself: VBSR demo ski rentals
Favorite Vail frontside run: Gandy Dancer
Favorite Vail back bowls run: Forever

VBSR Team: Knowledge and Experience

VBSR Matt Dirolf, Expert Tuner

VBSR Matt Dirolf

Hometown: Loudonville, New York

VBSR ski tech and master tuner Matt Dirlof began working at a ski shop in 1998 while he was still in high school, and he joined the VBSR crew in 2014. Born in Boston, Matt lived in Worcester, Massachusetts, and in upstate New York before eventually settling in Vail. In the meantime, he traveled the globe—from Central America to the Caribbean—and has also lived in Geneva, Switzerland, and in Beijing, China. When he’s not outside skiing the winter, he can be found dining at his favorite Vail restaurants, Mountain Standard and Alpenrose. In the summertime, Matt works in landscaping and landscape architecture. “As long as I’m outside,” says Matt, “I’m pretty happy.

Matt’s picks:
Favorite 2018 powder ski: Salomon: QST106
Favorite 2018 all-mountain ski: Nordica Enforcer
*try it yourself: VBSR demo ski rentals
Favorite Vail frontside runs: Lodgepole and Upper T cup trees
Favorite Vail back bowls run: Red Square to Rasputin’s Revenge


VBSR Barclay Rabin, Senior Sales Associate & Rental Assistant

VBSR Barclay Rabin

Hometown: Vail, Colorado

Barclay—a rare Vail local—began working as a tuner at VBSR in 2011 and is currently the shop’s senior sales associate and rental assistant. An avid skier of the East Vail chutes, Barclay has his Level 3 avalanche certification and competes in Freeride World Tour events. He is also a team skier for Liberty skis and was a ski tester for Skiing magazine’s buyers’ and independent buyers’ guides. When he’s not on the mountain, you’ll find Barclay at White Bison, where he’s a manager, or golfing, biking, and hiking in the summer. A 2018 highlight: Barclay’s raving about a recent trip powder skiing and backcountry touring in Japan, land of the rising sun…and falling snow.

Barclay’s picks:
Favorite Vail frontside runs: Chair 11 groomers and Lodgepole


VBSR Francisco Gascon

VBSR Francisco Gascon

Hometown: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Francisco, or “Frank,” began working as a rental tech at VBSR in 2011 and has also worked in Argentina at the Cerro Castor ski school in Ushuaia and at the Cerro Catedral extreme ski school in Bariloche. When he’s not skiing or having a barbecue on the mountain with friends, you can find him in Vail at The George playing pool. He skis year-round and loves traveling for three months each year. Good to know: Francisco is a certified ski instructor and real estate agent. He also plays soccer and has a background playing rugby. Between crazy traffic in Buenos Aires, you might spot him riding his longboard. Health secret: He starts his diet every Monday…but it ends every Tuesday. An asado (barbeque) twice a week is a must.

Francisco’s picks:
Favorite 2018 powder ski: Salomon QST106
Favorite 2018 all-mountain ski: Head Monster 88
*try it yourself: VBSR demo ski rentals
Favorite Vail frontside run: Lodgepole
Favorite Vail back bowls run: Belle’s Camp gates


VBSR Yuri Pavlovsky, Ski Tech

VBSR Yuri Pavlovsky

Hometown: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Yuri has been working as a rental tech and storage helper at VBSR since 2014. When he’s not in the shop, you’ll find him out exploring Vail’s famed back bowls and Blue Sky Basin. Yuri loves meeting up with friends on the mountain for sunny deck barbeques. And for après-ski, you’ll find Yuri at one of his favorite places in Vail: The George, Vail Ale House, Blue Moose Pizza, or Bridge Street Bar on international nights. Yuri is the only snowboarder in the VBSR rental area, but he also skis, and he likes to go snow biking with the VBSR and Surefoot crews. Good to know: Yuri has a degree in environmental management, and even though he’s from Argentina, he doesn’t like football (soccer). Every Sunday, he looks forward to having an asado (barbeque) with his family.

Yuri’s picks:
Favorite Vail frontside run: Lodgeole and Avanti
Favorite run on the way to Vail’s back bowls: WFO

VBSR’s Vail Ski and Snowboard Services

We’d love to meet you in person! Besides the long-timers mentioned above, we’ve got some newbies on our 2018 team: Lucas, Luciano, and Brady. Stop by and say hello at VBSR, just a short walk away from Gondola One in Vail. When you come in to pick up our ski demo packages and Vail ski rentals, you’ll get a sense of this friendly crew’s expertise. While in the shop, you can also arrange ski tuning and repair services while getting advice from these local experts. And with VBSR’s overnight snowboard and Vail ski storage, you walk out hands-free on your way to other Vail adventures.