Ski Scoop: Summer 2017 Edition

The Summer Buzz

Summer is in full swing here in Vail, and even though the VBSR shop is closed for the season, Vail Village is buzzing with activity. Plus, some exciting things are already happening on the mountain to get ready for the 2017-2018 winter season.

Check back on the Vista Bahn blog later this summer for an update about the progress of this summer’s Northwoods Express (Chair #11) lift upgrade, which will shorten the lift line to some of our favorite powder stashes next winter. In this newsletter, we look at how the past season’s addition of the new Sun Up Express Lift (renumbered from Chair #17 to Chair #9) improved traffic flow and access, things also we’re looking forward to in the Chair #11 upgrade.

This summer, we’ll also be posting other monthly blog updates on our website and introducing you to our ski ambassadors. Here, you’ll meet VBSR Ski Ambassador Chris Bivona, who stays busy as the athletic director of the Vail Valley Lacrosse Club in the summer season—and who inspires us all year long with his passion for skiing and his dedication to the ski industry.

Ultimately, it also inspires us to know that we’ll see our loyal customers and friends back at the VBSR shop as soon as the snow starts falling.

Until then, Dominique Underhill

[SKI] Chair Upgrade in Sun Up Bowl Uplifts Vail Skiing

It’s summer, and Vail skiing is behind us for the 2016-2017 season. But summertime gives us the chance to celebrate a few of last winter’s high points. One of our favorite improvements to Vail Mountain this past winter was the addition of the new Sun Up Express Lift. This lift was formerly known as Chair #17, a rather slow three-person chair lift located in the Sun Up Bowl.

The new Sun Up Express Lift is in the same place, but it was assigned a new number: Chair #9. And, more importantly, the new Chair #9 was upgraded to a four-person high-speed quad that has major benefits for Vail skiing. Read full article.

[EXPERIENCE] 2016-2017 Fresh Faces

Oh how we love our customers, friends, clients, family. As they say it’s not about the food. Meet the peeps behind the counter and those that keep us coming back season after season.

VBSR customers: Once in our doors, they keep coming back! Dominique, Matt, Blaise and Stitch hit the road in the “Playpen.”


The Ladies:
Dominique Gros and friends.
Papa Sacha and Gage hit the road for Montana camping. #welovedirt.


Blaise passed the Spring chaos test. Expect to see him working the desk for the 2017-18 season. Rémi gets a feel of kayaking at GoPro Mountain Games – perhaps the largest Vail Summer event.


[VAIL] Vail Inspiration: Ski Ambassador Chris Bivona

We get plenty of Vail inspiration even in the off-season when we tap into the good vibes of our ski ambassadors. At Vista Bahn Ski Rentals, family is as much a part of our business as Vail ski rentals and ski tuning are a part of our business. Luckily, VBSR Ski Ambassador Chris Bivona is someone who fits into this family as a friend, skier, overall amazing athlete, and business innovator. Read the full article.