Spring Vail Ski Tuning, Summerizing Skis, and Summer Ski Storage

With only a short time left in the Vail, Colorado, ski season, we wanted to share some spring Vail ski tuning advice that will help you keep your skis in top shape until the very last day the mountain’s open. And we’re always thinking ahead, too, so you’ll also find advice here on preparing skis for summer ski storage, a process that is sometimes called summerizing skis, so that they’re ready to go when the snow starts to fall next winter.

Spring Vail Ski Tuning Tips

Everyone loves skiing the slushy snow that we have here in Vail during the months of March and April. This is the time to lighten up on the clothing layers and enjoy the Colorado sun. Just as we adapt clothing or other ski gear to match the spring conditions, a spring-specific ski tuning does the same.

VBSR grinding tune

Getting a spring-specific stone grind is the first step in the spring ski tuning process, and then it’s also important to get a ski wax that’s appropriate for warmer weather. Here’s how the spring ski tuning process works:

  • Get grinding: Ask for a base grind suited for spring skiing conditions. A spring grind allows skis to hold more wax and also allows more water to flow beneath the base, which allows skis to slide with less friction.

VBSR ski tune base structure

  • Spring wax: After the grind, we apply a spring-specific wax. This type of wax is better suited for warm-weather conditions, but it’s softer than wax used in colder temperatures.
  • Refresh wax: In spring skiing conditions, you may need to wax skis more frequently. Since ski wax used in warmer temperatures is softer that wax used at other times in the ski season, it will be scraped off more quickly. Stay on top of ski waxing in warmer temperatures for the best spring skiing experience.

“The grinding process puts a pattern on the base of skis like the tread that’s on your car’s tires. It helps the skis move with less friction along the snow, and with wet, heavy spring snow, it’s an important part of spring ski tuning.” -Barclay Rabin, VBSR Ski Tech

Summerizing Skis for Summer Ski Storage

At this time of the year, it’s also important to think beyond spring skiing and plan ahead for next winter. Once you’ve skied your final day on a pair of skis, take some time to protect them during the off-season. This process is also called summerizing skis. Here’s what we recommend to do in preparation for off-season ski storage:

  • Summerize Skis: As part of our ski tuning for off-season storage, we deburr the ski edges and then leave a warm-weather wax on the skis without scraping off the wax. This ski tuning process seals the bases and edges over the summer. Edges won’t rust, and the base of the skis won’t dry out.

VBSR Summer Wax

  • How to Store Ski Boots: Store ski boots for the off-season by buckling them as if they’re on your feet. This step helps boots keep their shape. Store ski boots out of direct sunlight and in a moderate, consistent temperature. A cool garage is a good place to store ski boots in the summer. Sunlight and heat dries out the plastic shells of ski boots, so avoid bright light and hot places for off-season ski boot storage.

We’re here to help offer advice and spring ski tuning services, in addition to providing the best Vail ski rentals, so stop by and visit with us at Vista Bahn Ski Rentals near Gondola One in Vail Village this spring. With an expert, in-house staff, our Vail ski tuning and ski repair services range from on-the-spot ski tuning to ski edging and waxing to stone grinding. We wax snowboards, too, and we also mount, adjust, and calibrate bindings.