Ski Scoop: Summer 2016 Edition

Bébé Blaise Thanet Est Né!

Baby Blaise is born! Please join us in welcoming a new member to the VBSR family. Dominique Gros Underhill and Matthew Underhill welcomed a healthy baby boy, Blaise Thanet Underhill at 8.12 lbs, born 10:54pm July 2nd. Momma and baby are happy and healthy!

Blaise is a happy boy.

Big brother, Stitch
Big brother, Stitch, gives Blaise a welcome kiss!

Sacha, Remi and Gage
Sacha, Rémi and Gage meet their nephew / cousin.

Grandma, Jane & Grandpa, Joel
Grandma, Jane & Grandpa, Joël, along with cousins, Gage and Rémi meet Blaise.