Ski Scoop: November 2015 edition

Opening Day is Tomorrow, Nov. 20, 2015!

We’re all wrapping up summer and getting into winter mode. Thanks to the recent snowfall, it’s beginning to look a lot like WINTER! We look forward to catching up with you all over the next few weeks and months.

Summer flew by this year, we spent most of it here in the valley, enjoying the weather and showing the kids my old stomping grounds. I also spent a lot of time renovating our new house in Minturn, we will move in next week, just in time for the snow. And, although there was a lot of working, the family and I did escape to Alaska for the month of August and were able to enjoy some time at the lake, a trip to Denali National Park and many fun adventures with friends. While up there, Rémi learned to ride a two-wheeler and is “training” for the upcoming ski season, he says it will make him so FAST! He’ll be starting the DEVO program at Golden Peak this year. Gage is charging on his own and we are looking forward to teaching him the ropes of the slopes this year. Gage also joined Rémi at preschool this year and they are really enjoying their time together.

Denali, Summer 2015

Dominique and Matt also enjoyed the Colorado summer with lots of hiking and dirt biking, soccer (Doe’s team took #1), and enjoying their newly renovated home. Matt also did a lot of travelling with his Ski Club racers to Chile in August and Austria in early October. Lucky guy, ask to see some pictures, we were all envious of the trips.

Our parents spent three months in France and toured around the country, visiting with family and all around enjoying their retirement. They were back for a couple of months, spending time with us and the boys, but escaped to Mexico (just after the hurricane) and will return in time for Thanksgiving and some early season skiing with Remi. Look for them in the shop as they have to get their numbers up!

Cheers, Sacha Gros & Dominique Underhill, Co-Owners VBSR

Gage and Remi – Halloween 2015

BLOG: Summer Skiing in Chile

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina; Farellones, Chile; Canjon del Maule, Chile.

When Vail Mountain closes for the Summer, VBSR staff head to all corners of the earth to chase adventure. We’re fortunate to have Santiago on the VBSR team as he’s also a partner in a professional photography firm based out of Buenos Aires, Argentina. He was home for the summer working in the city with a watchful eye on the regional mountains with fellow snow chasers. When they spotted a film competition in Chile, they packed their skis and headed out. Read more…

Watch the winning video.

BLOG: VBSR Le Coq, Our Rooster Logo

As many of you know, our parents, Jane and Joël Gros, openedColorado Ski Service, one of the first Vail ski tuning businesses, in 1977. As a way of paying homage to Joel’s “Pop” French heritage, they incorporated “Le Coq,” aka the Rooster, the unofficial symbol of France into the original logo for our Vail ski shop. As the nature of our ski shop has evolved, from ski tuning to lockers to full service ski rental shop, so has the image, and the name.

1977: Shop opened, named “Colorado Ski Service” Read more..