Staying Ski Fit in Summertime

The summer is a perfect time to get in shape for the upcoming ski season. This post consists of easy to follow, equipment-free activities – just by enjoying what Mother Nature has to offer. Get ready to be in the best shape you have ever been for the 2015-2016 ski season!

The off-season is a great time to get the whole family outdoors and experience nature-loving activities. Matt Underhill, husband of Vista Bahn Ski Rentals co-owner Dominique, and a professional ski coach of some of the fastest US teens, says:

“Most importantly if you want to be hardcore don’t forget to work on your core.”

Matt recommends the following four activities for skiers to do while waiting for the snow to start falling again:

Running: The hills and turns in trail running versus running on flat surfaces force you to focus more on your balance using different muscle groups as you work through more technical trail sections. Plus, the dirt is much more forgiving on your joints as opposed to the hard pavement. No pavement in your neighborhood? City dwellers find your closest Central Park for a lap or two.

Sacha summer Olympic training

Sacha Olympic training in Colorado Springs circa Summer 1988

Biking – Mountain or Road: Mountain biking is the closest you can get to feeling like you are skiing in the summer. Mountain and road biking keep your quads and core in great shape with minimal impact on your knees. It’s also an aerobic exercise that requires short bursts of intensity much like skiing.

“You’re often skiing at altitude, so if your cardiovascular fitness isn’t there, you will tank out,” ski coach, Matt Underhill says. Biking is Matt’s go-to off-season cardio exercise.

Hiking: If you enjoy the solitude of skiing empty slopes and being out in nature while engaging in a challenging sport, you’re going to like hiking. Backcountry enthusiasts can especially benefit from carrying heavy packs up steep climbs at high altitudes. No mountains to climb? City dwellers consider a stair climbing competition

Joel & Sacha summit Holy Cross

Vista Bahn Ski Rentals founder, Joel & son, Sacha, hiking Mt. Holy Cross 1982 – the highest and some say, most technical, 14er in Colorado

Stand-Up Paddle Boarding: A great core workout. Try doing a few yoga poses on your board for a real challenge. Regardless of what your stroke looks like, it’s a killer core/abdominal workout. Try it on a flat lake with deep strokes or ramp up the intensity by SUPping in river rapids. Paddle boarding is great for staying cool and catching rays (while staying fit). Now that’s what summers are all about!

Just as with skiing, the VBSR teams suggests you stay sage and protect your noggin’ by wearing a helmet to compliment all these fun summer time sports. The snow may be gone (Well, Arapahoe Basin is still open and has just extended the season), but you can still participate in these fun summer activities to stay in shape for skiing and riding!